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  1. Hi Amanda, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed listening to the podcast with Karen Stiles of the OCN. Could you elaborate more in a chat or article perhaps, on the section in the SSMAct that prohibits any bylaw undermining the content of any tenancy or ‘dealing’ on a lot. That preclusion seems to beg the question: what rights does an OC have on restricting the types of occupants in a building? I recall the new legislation proposing to allow owners the ability to establish a mission statement for its scheme, subject to anti-discrimnation laws. Surely, a bylaw that prohibits rooms being rented by the hour or day would take precedence over any dealing by an owner with his/her airbnb occupants or brothel operators. Could you clarify the terms in s.50??? ‘dealings’ as the intent of the law in its year of making would not have predicted the matters that have arisen decades later.

    1. Hi Michele, thanks for your comment and thanks for listening in. I can definitely elaborate. I will publish a short episode setting out my thoughts on short term letting and how I believe it can legally be dealt with. There are also some provisions in the upcoming NSW legislative reforms that aim to address the problem and I will mention those. In the meantime, check out this article, which is a summary of a presentation I gave to owners last November: I will publish this to the YSP site also.

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